You are a whole person.  Your goals, strengths, and pain are all part of you.  They are all part of your truth.  And when you embrace your truth, with all its complexities and nuances, you can find the clarity, courage and strength to help you in your journey toward authentic transformation.


My role is to help guide you on the journey toward embracing your truth.  This can mean offering you a different lens with which to see yourself, working with you to generate insights to enhance understanding, or holding the space for you to work through your difficulties or to challenge yourself authentically and safely.  The overall goal is to create lasting and meaningful change – which often includes learning new ways to relate to oneself and others.

The work requires for me to meet clients wherever they are at and create a safe space, free of judgment, so that they can draw upon their inner strength to free themselves from turmoil. My therapeutic approach is warm, genuine, and straightforward. I draw on a wide-variety of therapeutic interventions in order to enable change.

I love my work – supporting others’ success is my calling. Some consistent (and humbling) feedback I receive from clients is that they had previously tried therapy multiple times over the years without success, but that their work this time around made the difference.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and University Instructor (Capilano University) with a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. One of the most satisfying elements of my professional life is the integration and application of all of the education, training and various roles I have experienced along the way.  My roles, including husband (17 years), father of two (15 and 12), athlete, coach, student, and vocational rehabilitation consultant have all helped shape my process and the values that I bring to each client.  In my Downtown Vancouver private practice (970 Burrard – Electra Health), I see adults, couples, and adolescents (17+).  I am experienced working from a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive perspective with diverse populations and issues  (see Scope of Practice below).  I also work with individuals on improving performance (professionally, academically, and athletically) and have successfully supported clients achieve significant personal achievements (LSAT / MCATT / MCCEE / MLB / NCAA / CWUAA / U SPORTS / CCAA).

The journey that lead me to becoming a counsellor first started on a long walk around the Stanley Park Seawall with my wife.  We were married but our first child was not yet born.  I shared my goal for changing paths from Human Resources to becoming a Clinical Counsellor.  With her encouragement  and support, I started a Master’s in Counselling Psychology and switched into the field of Vocational Rehabilitation (a process that supports individuals with barriers to employment ).  Sixteen years later, I am extremely grateful for the gift that deeply meaningful work has brought to my world.


Truth be told, I am a complete geek when it comes to professional development, reading new research, attending conferences and learning more about the field of mental health.  I continually dedicate my time to ongoing training which helps to keep me feeling fresh and excited to meet with my clients.  I employ evidence-based / clinically proven therapeutic techniques in my practice.  If learning more about how the science of psychotherapy informs my work, please ask – I’ll be happy to share.

  Therapeutic Approach

“Why can’t I feel better about myself?”

We all struggle with imperfection: it is universal.  But just as we all are capable of suffering, I believe that we are all capable of growth and healing as well.  Our work together is informed by your individual challenges.  We will establish your goals for therapy and work with evidenced-based therapies including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, acceptance and commitment, dialectic behaviour, attachment, trauma-based (somatic), polyvagal theory, mindfulness, and positive psychology.  Throughout the process I can clarify the   psychological research that guides our way forward.

     Rates & Insurance

Please note that all rates have the tax included:


$175 per 50 minute session


$225 per 80 minute (couples) session:


* I offer reduced rates when you purchase a series of sessions up front


* Sessions may be covered in full or in part by your extended health services plan.  


* Free 20-Minute Consultation 


* Satisfaction Guarantee: Enjoy peace of mind with my “Every Session Satisfaction Guarantee.”

      Getting Started

Welcome to Resonate Wellness!  I want to thank you for trusting me in taking the step towards bettering yourself. If you haven’t already confirmed an appointment, that would be Step 1. To schedule your Initial Intake Assessment, please call (604) 614 – 7177 or email and we’ll arrange a day and time that works for you.  This first meeting will establish your goals for therapy and the direction that we take to achieve them.

The Initial Intake Assessment for Couples Therapy is similar: the first meeting will be the three of us discussing the issues impacting the relationship and the goals for therapy.  Soon after, I will schedule separate individual …

Send us a message or call 604.614.7177